Swamp Rabbit 5k 2015 Race Recap

Race #92
5k #38
Swamp Rabbit 5k #4

I had no plan of racing tonight. I was just glad that my schedule allowed for me to run the race this year. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to race for a mere $6, especially when the weather was almost perfect. I was happy to just run with Mom.

Well…Mom’s gotten pretty speedy lately. I don’t think there’s any “just run with Mom” any more. 🙂

I left straight after closing from work to change and then warm up by jogging to the race start with Mom. It took a lot less time than I thought it would so I went up and back the street beside the site of the race start and ended up with a mile in 9 minutes instead of a 20 minute warm up. Whoops. I tried.

I probably could have done a few more out and backs on that street in the time that we waited for the race to start, delayed, at 6:36.

Speaking of the start, they could have made that part a little more clear. With that many people there they should have gotten a better loudspeaker. At some point I could make out the words being said like “minutes away from the start” (this was at 6:31) and “waiting for some people to get in place” but I heard no countdown and was surprised by the starting whistle. That could have been louder too.

With so many people still ahead of us, it didn’t matter that I missed the countdown. Speaking of the “corrals.” Unless this is monitored and strongly reinforced, people are not going to listen. Mom and I stood at the very front of the 7-9 minute section and there were many people in front of us that I knew could not hold a sub 7 minute pace for a 5k. I wish people would actually follow these instructions but oh well.

Thankfully, even with the above, we did not have as much congestion to deal with as I have in years past.

We set off at a good clip and started moving through the sea of runners.

Mile 1 felt good and very fast. I figured that Mom might end up slowing down but I hoped that she wouldn’t, at least not that much. When we passed mile 1 and I saw 7:37 pop up on the screen I wondered if she would be able to sub 8 this race.

Mile 2 is where the major hills are that drain pretty much everyone. These are serious, no joke hills, that usually weed out everyone that started too fast. In the past that’s been Mom. When she first started running, hills like that would cause her to struggle with her breathing and need to walk. Not today. We kept plugging away and passing the people that slowed. Our pace slowed a bit here, 7:53, but we kept it under 8.

Mile 3 is where you start feeling the pace if you took it out too hard. I felt pretty good considering I was running faster than I had planned. I realized that this is probably my “comfortably hard” pace and that my 7:35 tempo pace on Tuesday’s test run was likely not 90-95% effort for me. (I was pretty sore from last Saturday though….) This is also where we get onto the Swamp Rabbit Trail and the course narrows making it difficult to pass people as quickly. Mom told me afterwards that this last half mile was pretty hard for her and I totally understand why. She really pushed it in this race! Mile 3’s pace: 7:46.

We ran the last little nubbin at a 6:14 pace. (I love the paces on those last little bits when you’re sprinting. It makes you look like you can run really fast. :D) I felt like I could have sprinted harder here but I wanted Mom to finish before me. She crossed the line before me but we finished the race in the same second for a total time of 23:32!

She crushed her PR by over a minute! Plus, she won her age group. Way to go Mom!

This race got me excited for next week’s 5k which I plan to race. Running fast is fun.


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