Summer 2015 Week 3 Training Recap

This week included yet another race with a surprising performance. This time it wasn’t mine. Mom did so well! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the races I have coming up this summer before I dive into training for Chicago. (A post will be forthcoming on both the shorter races this summer and the decision to run Chicago for my fall marathon. I just have to type it up and publish.)

Monday easy/recovery run
My legs confirmed the previous Saturday’s 100% effort. I knew when I started I feel sore last night that this run would be a bit of a slog. I tried to keep it at an easy pace yet above 10 min.

Tuesday tempo run
This tempo run was intended to help my coach reevaluate what my short speed is at the moment. I was able to do the tempo portion at just a few seconds slower than his estimate. My legs are still a bit sore from Saturday’s effort. They warmed up though and I felt the best during the tempo portion actually.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
This run felt amazing. I felt strong throughout had to bring myself to make sure that it stayed a recovery run.

Thursday stationary bike
The ride itself went great. The internet, however, did not feel like cooperating. Perhaps that’s why I got as much distance as I did, frustration with trying to watch the last 16 minutes of “The Flash.” (I ended up finishing the episode 5 minutes before my ride ended and it was a 65 minute ride.)

Friday Swamp Rabbit 5k
I ran with Mom and she knocked a full minute off her PR! This was definitely a fun run.

Saturday long run
I felt great on this run considering the effort I gave in the 5k Friday night, less than 18 hours prior. I actually felt pretty good overall. My legs were just slightly fatigued. I figured that might happen based on previous experience so I chose not to look at my Garmin except at a couple points and run based on effort keeping it easy. That ended with me being quite surprised at a 9:10 overall average. If that’s my easy, post-race pace now I’ll certainly take it.

Sunday rest
Nothing to say about this.


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