Summer 2015 Week 4 Training Recap

While I love racing short races, I love getting as many miles in as I can. Hopefully I’ll get my mileage back up after three straight weeks of races. 🙂

Monday recovery run with hill intervals
This was a pretty good recovery run. My legs definitely felt better than they did last Monday after the 10k. I really liked the hard intervals on hills and hoped that this work would pay dividends on Saturday’s 5k. That hill on the back half of the course is killer!

Tuesday tempo run
This tempo run went much better than last week. It helps to not be super sore from a 10k PR. 😀 I kept pushing during the tempo portion and through a lovely little side stitch and felt really good.

Wednesday recovery run
This run was a little faster than I had planned because I ran with Mom. 😀 It still felt great though. My legs were just slightly fatigued. I’m not sure whether that means I need to go harder in speed work or if I’m doing it right.

Thursday stationary bike at gym
This ride went by quickly. I enjoyed it but other than that it was fairly unremarkable.

Friday 30 minutes easy with 3 x 2 minutes hard intervals near end
My legs felt unexpectedly fatigued at the start of the run. They warmed up after five minutes or so. I hoped for fresh legs the following day.

Saturday Covenant Race for Adoption 5k
Not quite the time I was hoping for but definitely the performance I wanted.

Sunday rest
This is pretty self-explanatory.


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