Summer 2015 Week 5 Training Recap

I was so glad to get the mileage back up this week. It helps to not have any races this week. As you will see through some of the following entries I’ve had some weirdness in my left knee which I’m hoping will work itself out for good. (There has been no pain. Just weirdness.)

Monday easy run with a few short intervals near end.
My legs were tired. Plus, this run was mentally tough for me because of the weirdness in/of my left knee. (No pain. Just odd.) Other than that I felt great. 😉 No really. Other than psyching myself out mentally this was a pretty good run.

Tuesday interval run
I was a bit nervous about my knee for nothing, thankfully. These intervals were really tough but felt so good.

Wednesday recovery run
I cannot do math on the run. I switched up today’s route to go check to see if the track at the local high school would be available to use on Friday for my truck workout. Apparently it is now open just when there’s someone there to monitor it. Apparently they’ve had some vandalism issues. I understand but still… I did the math for the turnaround point completely wrong and ended up 10 minutes short which was easily solved by a quick five-minute out and back. I felt great on the run itself. Just bummed that I won’t be able to use the track anymore.

Thursday stationary bike + rowing machine
bike: This ride went by very quickly. I especially enjoyed the sprint I threw on at the end to “pass” Mom.
rowing machine: Wow. This is a serious workout. I wondered if I would even be able to make it to 10 minutes. I liked it.

Friday short intervals
These intervals were really fought but definitely doable. I really enjoyed them and felt strong through the cool down, like I could keep going.

Saturday long run
This run turned out way better than I expected it to after yesterday’s tough speed work. As expected, when I started my legs felt like they had little left in the tank. Running at Mom’s pace was a bit difficult. 😉 When she said she needed to walk for a little bit I didn’t mind a bit. I ended up going on and finishing the run on my own. (Today just wasn’t her day.) After pushing on ahead I settled into a comfortable pace and was surprised to see my splits come in around 8:50. I was also surprised at how good I felt considering Friday’s effort and the hot, sweaty weather. Three in a row of my splits were less than 2 seconds apart. For me, that’s a small miracle. I felt so good in the last couple miles that I pushed the pace a bit and felt awesome. I love closing out the training week on a high note.

Sunday rest
Nothing to recap here.


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