Summer 2015 Week 7 Training Recap

My legs felt a bit fatigued throughout this week but I finally figured out why and it’s not something to be concerned about. That shouldn’t be an issue next week. 🙂 I mention this only because I begin to sound like a broken record with the recap of each run. Also, I’ve been trying to get over the 40 mile mark for three weeks now and after two weeks at 38.xx came oh so close this week with 39.80. Maybe next week?

Monday: recovery run with some hard intervals near end
Even though my pace was all over the place and slower than I would like (but perfect for a recovery run) I absolutely loved this run. It was one of those runs where you feel like you could keep going forever. On top of that I felt amazing during the minute intervals at hard effort near the end. They were definitely hard but it felt so good to lay down a sprint.

Tuesday: tempo run
My legs were sluggish at the start and pretty tired throughout the run. Even though I was tempted to shortchange the tempo portion I made it through. My stride did feel good though. I managed to find a good rhythm and persevere.

Wednesday: recovery run
I felt better than expected after yesterday’s hard effort. It was still a bit hard especially with the ridiculous humidity but my stride felt really good.

Thursday: stationary bike + Nike Training Club Ab Burner
stationary bike: I really enjoyed this ride. I got into a good rhythm early which helped the time pass quickly.
NTC Ab Burner: Turns out that adding crunches and a plank to daily exercises is not quite enough for toned abs. 😊 I’m pretty sure that I’ll be sore for a couple days. Those Russian Twists were challenging.

Friday: short intervals
My legs were sluggish again at the start. Other than that the run went well. The intervals were tough but doable.

Saturday: long run
Public service announcement: When you trim overhanging branches, dispose of them. Don’t leave them lying on the sidewalk.
About 25 minutes into the run we encountered some of these and Mom wasn’t able to avoid them entirely and down she went. She’s a trooper though. After she got the bleeding mostly stopped on her scrapped knee she kept running! For my own part, once again my legs did not feel very fresh. I’m pretty sure I know what it is and that combined with Friday’s speed work didn’t leave much in the tank. The heat and humidity didn’t help either. Even counting all that this was a pretty good run and I felt pretty good considering. I also tried the new salted watermelon Gu. I was expecting it to be disgusting but it’s actually good enough that I might actually buy some. (I used a gift certificate to get this one.)

Nothing to recap here.


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