Summer 2015 Week 8 Training Recap

This was a step back week of sorts. I hope this will help come next week’s 8k PR attempt.

Monday easy run with hill intervals
Starting this run was difficult thanks to a rough night’s sleep/wake up. Once I got going I felt pretty good, very little fatigue. Unfortunately, I forgot that some hill intervals near the end were also on the plan for this run. Oops.

Tuesday easy run
Except for the last couple minutes, this was a frustrating run for me. On easy runs I’ve been avoiding looking at my Garmin but ended the run slightly disappointed in my slower pace than expected. When I glanced down about halfway through this run I couldn’t believe how slow my pace was and spent the rest of the run trying to pick up the pace. For a “summer of speed” a lot of my runs have not been that speedy, almost like I was coasting absentmindedly. The pace after I started to pick it up still felt easy which is good. I threw on a sprint at the end just because and felt amazing.

Wednesday recovery run
It took a couple minutes to warm up be after that I felt really good. Solid run.

Thursday stationary bike + rowing machine
stationary bike: I really enjoyed this ride. I kept up the pace and the time went by quickly.
rowing machine: I sprinted with my arms. That is a weird but awesome feeling. I really pushed the pace and came oh so close to 2k. I think this might be the farthest I can get in 10 minutes.

Friday speedwork
These intervals were tough. Some other stuff kept me from getting a good night’s sleep which made me a little sluggish for this run. Other than that it was good. I got it done.

Saturday long run
This run started off a hot mess. Combine not enough sleep with a lingering headache behind the eye and the prospects for a good run are slim to none. It took me a while to get started. The first 10 minutes were rough. I considered bailing but decided to keep pushing through. I don’t know when it happened exactly but somewhere within the second 10 minutes a switch flipped and I started to feel a lot better. The run ended up going really well and I enjoyed the slightly faster pace at the end even though my route at that Point was super hilly. It made it more fun.

Sunday rest
Well enjoyed


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