Summer 2015 Week 9 Training Recap

Even though the race did not go exactly as planned (I’ve already figured out a few things I need to work on) this was a pretty good week of training.

Monday easy run
I felt really good at the start of this run. Maybe that’s because I had a 10 min pace. 😉 Once I saw that I picked up the pace a little and had a good run despite the ridiculous humidity. Seriously, I don’t think there could have been more water in the air unless it was a heavy downpour. I also did not appreciate the rank dead squirrel that we passed twice. Fun times. I wanted to run fast at the end and threw on a sprint but pulled back because this was supposed to be an easy run.

Tuesday race pace intervals
Legs were a bit stiff at the start. Warm up period did its job. The race pace intervals were tough and made me wonder if I’d be able to hold that pace Saturday.

Wednesday recovery run
It took a little time to warm up but once I did I got into a good rhythm. I felt strong throughout.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride went by quickly. I didn’t try to push it at all and still managed to get only a half mile shorter than the week before.

Friday easy run with some hard intervals near end
Twenty-five minutes is way too short but the race came the next day so short and easy it was. Intervals at end at the end got me exited to race.

Saturday Sunrise 8k
Tough races are great for motivation boosts.

Sunday rest
Waking up with sore core muscles and seeing pictures from the race where I’m leaning back confirmed that I need to strengthen my core. Lots of planning done while resting.



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2 responses to “Summer 2015 Week 9 Training Recap

  1. cindy lucking

    I’ve been struggling with the humidity and backwards lean and I can totally
    relate to the plateau problem as well. I guess we’re beyond the beginners’ honeymoon phase. I know you’re going to rock in your new age group!

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