Summer 2015 Week 12 Training Recap

Well, the summer of speed has come to an end. I have to admit that it did not turn out how I had hoped. That happens sometimes when you set big goals. In this case, I think that I set the goals but took my eye off the ball and that came back to bite me on race day. (How’s that for mixed metaphors?)

I still have the Julie Valentine Run 2 Overcome 10k in a month but I won’t be racing it with the same mindset that I first set out when I set the goals for the summer. I’m ready to get mentally tough and put diligent effort into Chicago training which starts this week!

Monday easy run
Despite some issues with my car not starting, this run was fabulous. My pace was slower when it was darker out once the sun came up I felt great and was able to maintain a really good pace. The short hard intervals at the end were awesome. I loved this run.

Tuesday race pace intervals
These race paced intervals were tough but not so tough that I could not complete them, just below that though. I thought I might just be able to use for the race on Saturday.

Wednesday recovery run
My legs definitely felt in need of an easy/recovery run which this was. They didn’t feel too bad and warmed up quite nicely through the run. Based solely on effort I had perfect negative splits.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride was nice and easy, nothing extraordinarily good or bad.

Friday rest
I chose to sleep in and relax instead of running the optional 25 minute run I had on my training plan. It had been a long week.

Saturday Red, White, and Blue Shoes 5k
Even though I’m pretty sure that a PR was just out of reach Saturday (and sub 21 was definitely way out of reach) I know that I could have snagged another sub 22 if I had been mentally stronger through the race. That’s going to be an area of focus for Chicago training.

Sunday rest
Rest days are wonderful.


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