Chicago Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

Marathon training has begun! What a difference a name makes. Once I switched from short distance speed training to marathon training I got really excited about training. That makes a huge difference.

Monday easy run
I am continually perplexed at the difference in my pace when it’s dark and when it’s light out. This run was a bit of a slog but that’s to be expected after Saturday’s race effort and with the typical summer weather. I didn’t like for motivation though what with Sunday night’s women’s World Cup win and the fact that this run kicks off training for Chicago. I can’t wait to see where this training cycle take me.

Tuesday fartlek run
This one was tough but oh so fun. Fartleks for 40 minutes is no joke. I started off the fartlek portion fairly well. At about the halfway mark, I noticed that my mile splits were getting slower although not by much. This was after a sprint up the hill. I decided that I wouldn’t let the hill get to me and to make the most of the second-half. It was incredibly hard but very rewarding. First speed work session of Chicago training was a success.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
The weather was pretty much ridiculous this morning. And it certainly helps make sure that this was a slower paced recovery run. My legs also had very little left in the tank after Tuesday’s fartlek. I’m also still getting used to the new vivoactive and the touchscreen. Right at the end of the run I paused at a stoplight and when I went to hit the start button I accidentally saved the run. At least I didn’t accidentally discarded it.

Thursday stationary bike + Nike Training Club Ab Burner
stationary bike: Not much to say about this ride. It went by quickly and I felt pretty good.
NTC Ab Burner: This workout is still tough although it is just a tad easier than when I started doing it again.

Friday long intervals
The plan called for long intervals at 85% effort. I have no idea what 85% effort feels like. It was a bit frustrating. However, I gave it my best shot and then I think I did pretty good. The last interval felt like it might have been at 90% effort in but I think that’s OK.

Saturday long run
For reasons not related to running this was not my favorite run of the week (or month for that matter.) My legs were a little bit sluggish but not terribly so. The weather also wasn’t terrible. I was a bit frustrated by the factor that made this run suck just a little but it’s a fact of life. Overall, it was one of those runs that make you mentally stronger so I’ll take it and look forward to next week.

Sunday rest
I got to celebrate my birthday again. Resting can be fun. 😉


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