Chicago Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

This was a solid week overall which left me wanting more. I can’t wait to get into the higher mileage, hard workouts portion of the training cycle.

Monday recovery/easy run
Aside from a slowish warm up first mile, I felt pretty good throughout this entire run. Of course, the humidity was abysmal as normal.

Tuesday tempo run
This run felt amazing. The tempo portion did not feel tough at all though. My stride felt great. I could have kept going for a while.

Wednesday recovery run
A little bit of the run may have been a touch too fast for a recovery run but since none of it felt hard at all I’m totally okay with it. Judging from this, Tuesday’s tempo definitely wasn’t hard enough.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC Ab Burner
stationary bike: I frequently feel a bit like a broken record when it comes to these rides. Once again, I felt good and the ride went by fairly quickly.
NTC Ab Burner: I can definitely tell that I’m getting stronger. This workout is still on the tough side but I think I might be able to “graduate” to a harder one soon.

Friday interval run
These intervals were tough but doable. I think I could have run these intervals a bit harder. It took a little while to warm up but that’s what the warmup is for. By the end I felt strong and pretty good.

Saturday long run
Despite the 74 degrees and 88% humidity, this run went exactly according to plan. I felt strong through the first easy 70 minutes and loved the faster 20 minutes at the end. I wondered before I started the run if I would be able to maintain that pace for the full 20 minutes. It ended up that the prescribed pace felt almost easy to maintain. I had to reign in my pace at a couple points. I’d call that long run success.

Sunday rest


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