Chicago Marathon Week 3 Training Recap

Sunday would have been the 5th year in a row that I had run one of the San Francisco Marathon races. It just didn’t make sense in my training or work schedule and certainly not in my bank account. I watched all the social media tweets and etc about the race and really wanted to be there. If only San Francisco was a little bit closer to the east coast. 🙂

Despite that, I had a great week of training and can’t wait to run the Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k on August 1st. After finishing the RWBS 5k three weeks ago and still not making my goal I was ready for a change in training. Once marathon training started I got pumped up again and that motivation has spread back to the 10k. I can’t wait to race.

Now to look at last week…

Monday easy run
This run felt awesome. I didn’t feel fatigued at all. My stride felt great. My feet loved the new shoes. Apart from a random GPS glitch that added .37 to my mileage (not included in this totals) and the weather of course, this was the perfect way to start the week.

Tuesday tempo run
This tempo was a bit faster than week 2 and correspondingly a little bit harder. I still felt really strong throughout and like I could keep going for a while.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
This run went really well. I felt a little bit tired at the beginning of the run as to be expected but after a mile or so I felt great. I think my pace might have been a touch fast but the effort definitely felt easy. I passed the “talk test” several times throughout the run.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC Ab Burner
stationary bike: My right hamstring has felt a little tight so I took it easier than the past few weeks. I’ll be stretching and foam rolling for sure. Other than that this was a good ride.
NTC Ab Burner: I definitely feel stronger doing this work out. It’s still hard but I love pushing myself and feeling the burn.

Friday interval run
I ran these intervals at a very slightly faster pace than last week. It definitely felt a little bit harder but still doable. I enjoyed the run.

Saturday long run
This run went really, really, really well. I wore my new OrangeMud vest and was surprised at how easy it was to use. I love having my hands free. I also loved the pocket on the shoulders. Those will make carrying fuel really easy. As to the run itself, I felt just a little bit sluggish at the start which is to be expected. Throughout the run I felt strong and my pace reflected that. Once again, long-run success.

Sunday rest



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  1. Awesome! Glad you dig the pack!

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