Chicago Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

So, it turns out that when you’re not training for short speed, it’s a bit more difficult to achieve a 10k PR. Newsflash for everyone I’m sure. 🙂 I still enjoyed the race and am very please with the past week of training. I’m ready for longer, though not that much slower, distances.

Monday easy run
It took a little while to warm up mentally. Physically, I felt pretty good. After a mile or so I was able to settle into the run and knock out the hill intervals with ease.

Tuesday tempo intervals
The first tempo interval was more difficult than I expected but after that I felt warned up and the rest of the tempo intervals went well. I felt strong.

Wednesday recovery run
My legs felt a bit tired at the start as to be expected with a recovery run. My form felt great though. I really enjoyed this run.

Thursday easy run with some short intervals at end
I expected my legs to protest a little at the fourth day in a row of running (like they have in the past the few times I’ve done it) but they loved it! I can’t remember the last time I felt that strong. It was awesome…apart from nearly running into the biggest spider web I’ve ever seen.

Friday stationary bike at gym
It was nice be able to do the ride on Friday like I used to always do. The ride itself, like usual, felt good and passed quickly.

Saturday Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k
Not quite what I had hoped for but a good performance for the day anyway.

Sunday rest
Well appreciated


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