Chicago Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

This marathon thing is starting to get real. While I still wish that I had just a bit more mileage, the long run is starting to increase and I love it!

Monday easy/recovery run
My legs were very tired going into this, as I expected post 10k. However, after a little while I warmed up a bit so it wasn’t a total slug-fest. I actually enjoyed it. It was definitely my slowest run in a while.

Tuesday tempo run
I definitely felt the fatigue at the start of this run and wondered if I would be able to make it through the tempo portion. Thankfully the warm up portion did its job. The tempo was tough but doable. I felt strong throughout.

Wednesday recovery run
It was tough to get started but after a few minutes I got into a good rhythm and finished strong.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC Ab Burner
stationary bike: Like most of my rides, this one was pretty average. It went by quickly. I felt good. Nothing extraordinary.
NTC Ab Burner: I can definitely see improvement. I felt so good on the first round that I pushed really hard, almost too hard it turns out. I paid the price on rounds two and three. I feel stronger though and almost ready to move up to the next level on ab workouts.

Friday interval run
This run would have been a lot easier if I had had access to the track at my local high school. Unfortunately, since the track was resurfaced last year they keep it locked up at all times. That meant that my intervals were on varying terrain, including hills, not exactly ideal but I worked with what I had. This run contained a total of 9 intervals: 3 each of 800m, 400m, and 200m in that order. The goal was to run these as fast as possible with each set of shorter intervals generally faster than the last. My splits were all over the place, not quite what I was shooting for but not too bad. In order: 3:50, 3:42, 3:29, 1.49, 1:41, 1:46, 0:48, 0.52, 0.52. All in all a successful interval run.

Saturday long run
My legs did not want to cooperate at the start of this run which is to be expected because of both Friday’s tough interval run and the fact that it was dark out. After the first half hour or so I got into a good rhythm and started to enjoy the run, especially as the sun came up. The faster intervals at the end were slightly challenging but so much fun!

Sunday rest
I always love rest days.


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