Chicago Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

What would a marathon training cycle be without at least one neurotic freak out about possible injury? Marathon training definitely brings out the crazy in runners. At the beginning of the week I was concerned about a sensation I may or may not have felt in my right knee so of course I obsessed about it far longer than I should have. Thankfully, it was nothing and training is rolling right along.

Monday easy run
My legs definitely felt Saturday’s long run. I didn’t expect much out of them but ended up with a fairly decent run. My right knee felt a bit off but that might be because my calves are still fairly tight. Stretching and foam rolling for sure.

Tuesday tempo run
One thing that being neurotic about every odd sensation will do is make you focus on maintaining proper form. I think that knee thing from Monday was definitely because sore muscles from Saturday. My stride felt good throughout.

Wednesday recovery run
I focused on form again and felt good for the most part. I think I ran a bit too fast for some of it but oh well.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC Ab Burner
stationary bike: I ended up riding a little slower than I thought I was going. That being said, it was still a good ride, nice and easy.
NTC Ab Burner: I didn’t push as hard this time. Instead I focused on form and getting it done. Strength training is definitely not my favorite.

Friday interval run
This run went exactly to plan. The intervals were tough but that’s to be expected when they’re run at 90% effort. I enjoyed the run.

Saturday long run
This was one of my best long runs ever. (With the exception of one 16 miler last cycle, this run was also my fastest average pace for a marathon training cycle long run.) I had five 10 minute intervals in the middle of the run at a moderately hard pace. This made the run interesting. I think I may have run the first couple of these a bit faster than I should because I definitely felt it by the time I got to the end of the fourth and all of the fifth. That last one was really tough. I’m also very impressed with my times considering how ridiculously humid it got after the first hour mark. I refilled my 20 oz water bottle twice and drank it all. (60 oz.) The last 30 minutes of the run were supposed to be easy. I gave myself full permission to slow down as much as I needed too. I kept looking at my Garmin though and being absolutely baffled at the 8:50-9:15 pace. I felt like I was running closer to a 10 minute pace. I’ll take that. The last few minutes seemed to last forever and I was so happy to be done. This was a good run.

Sunday rest
I had no problem doing this.


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