Chicago Marathon Week 9 Training Recap

Getting into the meat of marathon training now and looking forward to all the miles I get to run on the island this week. (I just wish that I could run next week’s long run down here too.)

Monday easy run
This run went better than I expected. I thought my legs would be pretty sluggish given Saturday’s 20 miler. However, I felt strong and more than capable of completing the run. My calves were a bit tight before starting the run so I’ll be stretching for sure.

Tuesday tempo intervals
This run was tough. All the soreness I expected Monday from Saturday’s run showed up for this one. It was a slog but I got it done.

Wednesday recovery run
This was definitely a bit of a slog. My legs didn’t have much in them so I didn’t push hard, as to be expected from a recovery run. The run wasn’t too bad otherwise.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC Ab Burner
This ride went by quickly. Nothing extraordinary. I had to cut out the ab work though since I had to be in to work 30 minutes earlier than normal for a training session.

Friday long intervals
Mentally the long intervals were really tough. Physically, they were tough but doable. I felt strong through the whole run.

Saturday rest/travel
I ended up walking close to 4 miles in the afternoon to and from our beach house…twice. That probably wasn’t the smartest idea but it’s not every day you get to be at the beach.

Sunday long run with moderately hard intervals near end
When I saw that the temperature was 75 and the humidity was 94% I knew that right away I needed to temper my pace expectations. I also remembered that I slacked a bit on hydration Saturday what with travel to the beach in the morning and beach bumming it the entire afternoon). This was a tough run but because I started with proper expectations I was able to finish without feeling like death warmed over. There were a few points during the run that were low points where I wondered if I was going to be able to finish but those were usually right before I took in another gel. (I probably should have eaten a little before the run.) For the most part, my stride felt strong and my fitness level about where it should be at this point in training. While I would have liked to get another mile in, I’ll take this run as a win since I was able to properly adjust my paces for the weather.


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