Chicago Marathon Week 10 Training Recap

I am so ready for the taper. I love the miles but I need to work on my mental strength. Also, fall-like temperatures were much appreciated on the final run of the week. More Please

Monday recovery run
When you think to yourself “I’ll get one more run out of these shoes before retiring them” … don’t. My feet pretty much hated me through this whole run. I was also a bit sluggish thanks to Sunday’s long run (I don’t usually run the day after a long run but that’s what travel does) and the ridiculous humidity (I got out between rain storms). I was a little bummed during the run but afterwards knowing that it was mainly the fault of the shoes I thought I might be able to get Tuesday’s speedwork done as described.

Tuesday tempo/tempo intervals
This run went much better than I expected. With the humidity as “lovely” as it has been, I knew that I would need to modify this somehow. To start with, my feet thanked me for running in shoes with plenty of miles left. Then, instead of holding the full 40 minute tempo and trying to hit (and alternate) specific paces, I changed it to tempo intervals of about 10 minutes. Those intervals were hard but I managed to hit right in the middle of the two paces the plan originally called for, 7:55-8:05. The rain also held off until the last 7 minutes or so of the run when it just opened up. I definitely felt like I gave it my all.

Wednesday recovery run
I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt through this run, the best out of the four runs I’ve had on the island. I might have run it a bit too fast but since it felt easy I went with it.

Thursday bike ride
I rode to Barnes and Nobles and back so this wasn’t a dedicated workout per say. I did enjoy getting several miles in though.

Friday long intervals
This run was crazy tough. I’ve said before that I love running on the island and I stand by that statement, with one qualification–in every season except for summer. The humidity is absolutely ridiculous. I knew that it might be tough to hit the 7:33 pace for the long intervals and I was right. The first of the four intervals had me struggling to catch my breath. That’s a new feeling for me. I knew I would have to modify these intervals. I decided to just run them as fast as I could whatever that meant for my pace. Turns out, not too bad actually.
Averages for the splits:
1st interval – 7:30 (and feeling like death after)
2nd interval – 7:42 (still feeling a bit depressed about my chances of being able to complete the run)
3rd interval – 7:35 (I guess being on the “homestretch” gave me some unexpected motivation
4th interval – 7:50 (that motivation didn’t last long)
I had my Garmin screen on the lap page and thus when I finished and saw that I had run almost 9 miles, I couldn’t believe it. I guess that’s what focusing on the pain will get you. 🙂
Given the ridiculous humidity and the way my legs felt going into this run, I am more than pleased with how close to the prescribed pace that I got.

Saturday rest – travel

Sunday long run
The best way to describe this run would be to say that I never really got into this run mentally. It was a mental battle per say, just incredibly difficult to engage. I also took more breaks than I would have liked. Some of them were necessary. (Maybe the colder weather makes me need to go more?) Two were frustrating-out of order toilets at Williams Hardware and a never ending stream of cars at one of the crossings. One was just mental, to get myself psyched up for the faster portion and the last was to fill my water bottle because I started to feel thirsty and that’s a sign that I didn’t do so well on my hydration through the run. (I need to brainstorm what I’m going to do to supplement my OrangeMud for the marathon because one bottle isn’t enough and I’m terrible at drinking from those little cups.) I got it done though.


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