Rehab/Recovery Week Two

Before I delve into the recap, I want to share a photo that both frustrated me and confirmed for me that taking this much time to recover is absolutely the right thing to do.
Told Me So
If only, right?

Day Seven, Monday, October 12, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt slightly creaky at first but not as much as the previous couple days.
Workout assessment:
Run: The knee felt normal for 41 out of 42 minutes. (That time includes the seven minute cool down walk.) For some reason the knee felt weird during the very last minute. Aside from the knee, my right hamstring did feel a bit tight but not enough to affect my stride. I again focused on pulling my stomach in for good posture/form.
PT homework: Everything felt really good including the stepback lunges. My legs felt tired while doing the bridges, probably because I completed this right after the run.
NTC ab burner: I had to use the 6lb ball again because someone else had the 8lb ball. I tried to push hard and felt pretty good. I also discovered that my running shorts do not provide enough padding when sitting on the floor and performing these exercises.
Post-workout assessment: I could still feel a little bit of tightness in the right hamstring but beyond that I felt pretty good. I foam rolled and wore the thigh compression sleeve for about half an hour or so.
EOD assessment: The leg felt okay, a bit achey after self-massage and a little hypochondria/neurosis. I did notice improvement when sitting and extending the leg. The knee flexes completely. Throughout the day I did struggle a bit mentally but not much.

Day Eight, Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I was tired again when first waking up. Maybe because my body knew that I was going back to work?
Workout assessment: (Due to a busy day at work I was not able to write my impressions as immediately as I prefer.)
Stationary bike:Fitness-wise I felt good. My right leg felt off. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t stiff. It felt a lot like a muscle ache in the hamstring. The feeling did dissipate some.
PT homework: The bridges were good but legs felt a little tired. I had no issues at all with the step-back lunges.
Post-workout assessment: My right inner thigh felt sore. The knee feels fine with only occasional sensations. I wore the compression sleeve for a little longer than planned because we were slammed at work. My leg felt normal while wearing the sleeve except for occasional odd (short) throbbing of the inner thigh. I struggled mentally a little but kept reminding myself that this is a process that I don’t have to and shouldn’t rush.
EOD assessment: It was a rough day mentally. I could feel the “hot spot” in my inner thigh and kept obsessing about it. Things (especially my mood) improved greatly once I left work. At the very end of the day the leg felt completely normal.

Day Nine, Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I finally had a good night’s sleep. Everything felt pretty good although I could feel hints of twinges on the inner right thigh and outer knee.
Workout assessment:
Run: I was pretty nervous before starting the run which turned out to be one of the best I’ve had since starting this rehab journey. I had some weird aches and sensations when I first started the run but after a few minutes to warm up, those sensations went away. I felt good for the rest of the run.
PT homework: Everything went well. My legs felt a bit tired but there wasn’t much more to note.
Post-workout assessment: I felt pretty good. My stride felt normal but it didn’t feel like I had complete freedom of movement. (Looking back, I’m not quite sure what I meant by that.) I’m overly cautious.I could feel that it was off at points but it’s hard to describe.
EOD assessment: A couple times my knee felt a little stiff when I got out of the chair after sitting for a while but nothing like before. My stride still felt normal. I could at times feel some sensitivity on the inner thigh but nothing like Tuesday. These things may seem like a lot but maybe I’m just more aware?

Day Ten, Thursday, October 15, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: Everything felt fairly normal. Like usual I was cautious and wary almost as if I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I could feel the inner thigh but more like a bruise than a muscle issue.
Workout assessment:
Stationary bike: I was a little nervous starting because the bike was the first place I noticed the inner thigh thing Tuesday. It turned out not to be an issue at all. I felt great and pushed hard loving every minute.
NTC ab burner: I got to use the 8lb ball instead of the 6lb and felt the burn. Mom even asked if I was okay because I was grunting with effort.
Post-workout assessment: This was the most normal my leg had felt in a while. I keep saying that but then something else improves. It makes me realize how messed up I’d let my leg get before I started the rehab process.
Second PT appointment: This went really well. I loved the graston massage. The new homework will definitely be challenging but good. I left feeling encouraged.
EOD assessment: I can feel the work from the PT appointment, in a good way. Overall, the knee feels really good, normal.

Day Eleven, Friday, October 16, 2016
Pre-workout assessment: I felt pretty good, only slightly creaky.
Workout assessment:
Run: I progressed to solid running, no intervals. Today’s run was just 15 minutes. My stride felt so good, so normal. Again, it makes me realize how messed up my stride was before. I was wary that it might be off and I wasn’t noticing, like what happened at the height of the injury. I’m fairly certain that it wasn’t but that’s par for the course, I expect, when coming back from injury.
PT homework: These new exercises are no joke. I can already feel it in my glutes two hours later. The first two exercises were holdovers. Hip stretch and single leg bridges. The hip stretch was stepped up a bit and I definitely felt it. The first new exercises was the lunge matrix. I concentrated on maintaining good form. The next new exercise is side planks which are deceptively difficult. Hopefully I’ll progress to adding leg lifts but for now it was just ten five second static holds. It felt easy for the first five or so but by the time I got to the last three? So hard. The last exercises is opposite arm-leg raises on all fours. Since I still need a lot of work on trunk stability, I’ll be sticking with just raising and extending the leg. These are hard, especially when trying to make sure to not wobble.
Post-workout assessment: I felt really good. Like I mentioned earlier, I can definitely feel the soreness in my glutes and that makes me happy.
EOD assessment: The new PT homework is definitely harder and I can feel it. That’s the kind of soreness that I love. My legs were a bit stiff form the soreness when I got up from sitting for a while. If that’s the only “complaint,” I’ll take it!

Day Twelve, Saturday, October 17, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: My legs felt a tad sore, specifically the right inner thigh.
Workout assessment:
Run: I probably shouldn’t have done two days in a row yet. In the first few minutes I had a few aches that worked themselves out. I could feel the inner thigh occasionally, nothing bad. My legs felt a bit fatigued. My stride overall still felt good. i continued to focus on pulling in my stomach for good posture/form.
PT homework: Afterwards it felt like I had moved through the exercises too quickly but I’m sure I took enough time with them. My right inner thigh was not happy with the single leg bridges. Maybe that’s what’s making it sore? The leg raise while on all fours is still ridiculously difficult to do while holding steady. I hope to see improvement soon.
Post-workout assessment: The right inner thigh was still achey. I massaged it a bit. Overall though my stride fells normal. There was nothing noticeable with “original” injury spots.
EOD assessment: I felt frustrated. I kept feeling the inner thigh thing and, of course, obsessing. I can’t tell if it’s really as bad as I was making it out to be or just magnified in my mind. I did have some soreness (the good kind) in the upper leg muscles of both legs when getting up after sitting for a while.

Day Thirteen, Sunday, October 18, 2015
Complete Rest Day
AM assessment: After the slight mental mess that I was Saturday, I decided that I would step back from observing/dwelling on my leg. That’s a hard task for me. When I got out of bed I felt pretty good. I could sense the inner thigh thing but it didn’t affect my stride at all. Overall, I felt pretty good.
EOD assessment: It’s been such a relief to have the status of my leg off my mind. I felt really, really good throughout the day. Some sensations were there but I didn’t explore it any further.


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