Rehab/Recovery Week Three

Finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Day Fourteen, Monday, October 19, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt really good upon waking. No creaky or trouble spots.
Workout assessment:
Run: I needed the first few minutes to warm up. After that my stride felt pretty good although not as perfect as it felt Friday and Saturday. I did feel my knee brush once and a couple other times it felt like a stride or two was favoring the right. Since I noticed it and am thus aware of it, I don’t think that it’s a problem.
PT homework: I had no inner thigh issues on the single leg bridges. The Right knee felt a little off when standing from the floor but that went away quickly. I might have short changed the five second holds on the side planks by accident. I simply counted to five rather than making sure it was a full five seconds.
Post-workout assessment: I still felt really good. The inner portion of my right knee did feel a bit stiff but that went away. I love feeling (almost) normal.
EOD assessment: I felt pretty good. My right glute was a little stiff. (I wrote this the following morning.)

Day Fifteen, Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt normal aka quite cautious. I could feel a knot-like sensation in my right glute but it did not affect my stride.
Workout assessment:
Stationary bike: I could definitely feel the “knot” in the glute. I had a couple other odd sensations but nothing significant. I pushed the pace a little and loved it.
NTC Ab Burner: I was distracted through most of the workout because I was talking about work stuff with Mom. It helped the time pass but I probably did not push quite as hard.
PT homework: This went really well. I got my concentration back. I focused on maintaining good form for all. I had mom observe me on the leg extension. She couldn’t see any shifting.
Post workout-assessment: I could feel soreness in the right glute like it’s been overworked. Other than that everything feels really good. I’m optimistic.
EOD assessment: I could feel a mild ache in the glute but everything else felt good.

Day Sixteen, Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt good, not creaky at all.
Workout assessment:
Run: I felt the knot-like sensation in the right glute for the first five minutes but nother after. My stride felt ok but I could feel occasional odd sensations around the knee that felt similar to what I felt before the injury plus some hamstring tightening. I felt bummed, to say the least. I planned to attempt another run on Friday and reevaluate. I also emailed my PT.
PT homework: My legs were tired when performing the single leg bridges, to be expected after the run. I felt extremely stable on the leg extensions. I added one second to five of the side plank reps and could feel the difference.
Post-workout assessment: Mentally, I felt really down. My stride felt fine but the knee felt a bit like what I remember it feeling like before the injury became significant. I hoped that this sensation was more like the inner thing that I worked through and not catastrophic like I imagined.
EOD assessment: I ended the day reassured. The response from the PT was just what I needed to hear. Basically, he confirmed that it is in my head, a pathway in my brain that needs to relearn what normal feels like. I did feel a little achey in the afternoon but that was likely mental as well.

Day Seventeen, Thursday, October 22, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt really good, normal.
Workout assessment:
Stationary bike: This was the best ride I’ve had in a while. Everything felt really good so I pushed the pace. I got up to a 15 mph average on the stationary bike.
NTC Ab Burner: I pushed really hard, especially on the first interval. I could feel it as soon as I started the second interval. As much as I am not a fan of strength training, I want to give it my all so that I can become a stronger runner.
PT homework: I’m starting to look forward to increasing the difficulty. I held all ten side plank reps for 6 seconds instead of 5. I felt a little less stead on the leg extensions and think it’s perhaps because of the difference in the thickness of the carpet at home and at the gym.
Post-workout assessment: Everything continues to feel great, normal. I’m so glad that I emailed the PT. That was some significant mental reassurance.
EOD assessment: I felt really good! Normal.

Day Eighteen, Friday, October 23, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I woke feeling completely normal.
Workout assessment:
Run: I was a tad nervous before starting but reassured by the info that I received from the PT on Wednesday. My stride felt pretty good. I focused on that and on pulling my stomach in for good posture. I could “feel” sensation in the knee towards the end but no pain. I was going to ask Mom to watch my stride just in case but she got in late Thursday night and opted for sleeping in a little.
PT homework: I could “feel” a little on the lung matrix when I didn’t concentrate. My goal with this homework is more concentration. I added one second to the last five side plank reps on both sides. I felt really stable on the leg extension. The two hardest parts of that exercises is my arm getting tired and figuring out how to gradually increase the difficulty.
Post-workout assessment: I had some mild “acheyness” (more than likely not a word) in my right leg, perhaps my IT band. Other than that I felt really good.
EOD assessment: My right IT band got really tight around lunch. I massaged it when I went to lunch. Other than that everything felt normal and good.

Day Nineteen, Saturday, October 24, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: Completely normal.
Workout assessment:
Run: I finally got to run outside and loved it. I discovered that it is harder to concentrate on pulling my stomach in but when I did it my stride/form felt great. I noticed a couple knee brushes when I wasn’t concentrating. I also noticed a couple odd sensations in my knee after stopping and starting a couple times at a two part street crossing but nothing lasting. Overall I felt really good.
NTC Ab Burner: I had originally planned to go to the gym after work so that I could use the equipment there. I decided to go ahead and do it before work because I knew that I would definitely not feel like doing it after work. Since I went ahead and completed the workout at home I had to modify the weight and used a large book instead of the 8lb medicine ball. I pushed as hard as I could and loved it. I’m actually thinking about ways to incorporate more strength training.
PT homework: My knee felt more than normal until I got up after the single leg bridges. It wasn’t bad and went away but it did the same Friday and Monday. (It may have done that other days but those are the ones that I remember.) I extended the side plank holds to seven seconds for all reps. I felt really stable on the leg extension.
Post-workout assessment: I felt really good overall. I had some mild ache around the knee but nothing significant.
EOD assessment: The knee felt almost normal throughout the rest of the entire day. I’ll take that for sure.

Day Twenty, Sunday, October 25, 2015
Complete rest day.
AM assessment: One word: normal!
EOD assessment: Not to sound like a broken record but normal! It’s almost a little sad just how excited this makes me.


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  1. cindy lucking

    Normal is great! Congratulations!!!

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