Recovery/Rebuilding Week 1

This week has been much better on all fronts. Well, I should say on most fronts. I’ve had a cold that got started last Friday night and is still holding on nine days later. The “structural issues,” though, seem to be on their way out.

Day Thirty-Five, Monday, November 9, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I forgot to push my alarm back to 5 instead of 6 so that was a little off kilter. Other than that? Normal.
Workout assessment:
Run: This run was characterized by tech frustration. Other than that, I felt physically completely normal. I had some ITB tightness around the 30 minute mark but it lasted only a minute.
Post-workout assessment: My legs felt a little more fatigued than I expected. Other than that I felt great, no tightness or aches.
EOD assessment: Throughout the day I felt normal although I did have some mild tightness.

Day Thirty-Six, Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt good apart from the cold.
Workout assessment:
Stationary bike: This was a good ride although I felt a little tired. I felt some tightness on the inner side of the right knee but nothing significant.
NTC ab burner: I still felt tired. Despite that I pushed hard but not as hard as I could have.
PT homework: I could feel the burn in my glutes as soon as I started the walking lunges. The bridges felt really hard. Maybe I need to try to get in one more session of these exercises in the week? The side planks were also hard. I added one second to the hold. I felt really stable on the extensions.
Post-workout assessment: My legs felt sore and I had a very mild ache on the outside of the right knee. Otherwise I felt good.
EOD assessment: I didn’t write this until the following day. To the best of my recollection I felt good for the rest of the day.

Day Thirty-Seven, Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt normal aside from the next stage of the cold, a stuffed up nose.
Workout assessment:
Run: My knee and stride felt absolutely normal. Aside from that I felt fatigued, especially my glutes, likely as a result of the walking lunges Tuesday. I feel like I’ve got a lot of work to do to rebuild my endurance.
Post-workout assessment: I felt sore but otherwise good, normal.
EOD assessment: It’s hard to described the feeling in the knee that developed throughout the day. After standing (while cooking) for a while the knee started to tighten (I think). I could feel it below the kneecap but it was hard to describe. I think it’s okay. (Looking back, I’m pretty sure I was being hyper-sensitive.) Overall I felt fine.

Day Thirty-Eight, Thursday, November 12, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I had to deal with the “stupid cough” stage of the cold but other than that, normal.
Workout assessment:
Stationary bike: I felt completely normal throughout the entire ride. I felt good.
NTC ab burner: I think I should maybe mix my ab workout up a bit and choose something else but for now this workout is still a bit challenging.
PT homework: My glutes were still a bit sore but I did more walking lunges. (Surprisingly, these lunges must have helped dispel the rest of the soreness but the glutes were much less sore after.) I did feel a bit tired throughout the rest of the exercises but not too bad.
Post-workout assessment: I felt pretty normal but I waited too long to write. Nothing sticks out though.
EOD assessment: I felt completely normal, some mild glute soreness though.

Day Thirty-Nine, Friday, November 13, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: My legs felt fine. The congestion, on the other hand, felt like it had settled into my chest.
Workout assessment:
Run: I probably should have skipped or modified the run because of the congestion. My legs and stride felt great. I had to stop halfway through the tempo portion of the run to hack out some congestion. Otherwise I felt pretty good.
Post-workout assessment: My legs felt fine. My frustration level with the congestion was a little high but oh well.
EOD assessment: I felt normal except for the congestion of course.

Day Forty, Saturday, November 14, 2015
AM assessment: I felt pretty good. I still had some congestion plus a small niggle sensation just above the right knee cap on the outer side.
EOD assessment: The schedule ended up workout out best by switching the run originally scheduled for Saturday to Sunday. My leg feels completely normal apart from that small, occasional odd niggle.

Day Forty-One, Sunday, November 15, 2015
Pre-workout assessment: I felt pretty good. I enjoyed hitting the snooze button a couple times before finally getting up.
Workout assessment:
Run: This run felt amazing. I actually enjoy running in the cold but always end up forgetting that when it comes time to start another run. Everything felt really, really good. Our pace started to slow a little as the temps started to rise but other than that this was an excellent run.
Post-workout assessment: My legs felt a little fatigued but not bad. I did have a little bit of odd tightness on the outside of my lower leg just above the left ankle. I’m not sure what this is.
EOD assessment I’m still perplexed about what that tightness/sensation was. It lasted for a little while after the run before eventually going away. Overall I felt pretty good.


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