TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k 2015 Recap

Race #98
8k #9
TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k #6

I am so excited to be getting into my sixth year of racing. There are only two races that I’ve run ever year since I started running, this one and the Hilton Head half.

I had no goals at all for this race. There’s no need to start racing quite yet. I’m just thankful for the ability to be able to run and to run well.

We parked a few minutes before 7:30 and I took off for a quick 15 minute warm up. We might have called it a little too close though since Mom waited in the car before making a quick pit stop at the public restrooms by the ice rink.

We got to the race start with about 5 minutes to spare. Here we encountered the only negative thing that I have to say about the race. The start was frankly ridiculous. We had the whole street. With as many people as were running the race it would have been logical to have the start line stretch across both sides of the road. It did not. Instead we were all crammed into one lane of the road. Completely illogical.

Mom and I ducked under the barrier at one point but still were delayed a few seconds at the start because it was way too crowded.

A few minutes later we were off.

The first mile (8:24) wasn’t actually our slowest. It felt slower though. I did have a little laugh when someone celebrated the downhill. Never celebrate a downhill in mile 1. You will, more likely than not, end up having to run back up that hill right before the finish.

I felt pretty good through the rest of the race. I let Mom dictate the pace and it felt good.

I did get a few comments about the music. Actually, Mom heard the comments. I ran without headphones and the music playing so that anyone around could hear. This never bothered me when I was on the other side but apparently it did bother someone else. Is this an un-kosher thing to do in a race? Right before the finish though, “Fight Song” started playing. I overheard a girl say, “I love this song!” Happy to help. 🙂

Miles 2 and 3 were about even at 8:27 and 8:32.

The 4th mile (and part of the 5th) were ridiculous. I am not surprised to see a time of 8:49. The hills were killer.

On the hill just after the end of mile 4, Mom needed to walk for a bit. I didn’t want to walk but I also didn’t want to finish without her so I kept powering up the hill but at a slower pace than I think I could have.

She soon caught up with me and we finished (almost) together.

As I mentioned earlier, “Fight Song” had started playing and put quite a pep in my step. When we were about to make the final turn Mom said “See you in a minute!” and I took that as my cue to take off.

That final sprint felt amazing! I absolutely loved it. Plus, I love the fact that it pushed me under 42 minutes. 🙂

Altogether a successful 8k and perfect way to start this holiday.


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