Tobacco Road Marathon Week 1

It may be a little while before I really decide what my goal for this marathon is. Obviously, I still want to qualify for Boston but the end of the last cycle and this rebuilding from injury has not looked exactly like I thought it would. I’ll see how things go.

Monday, December 14, 2015
Towards the end of the day Sunday I noticed a little stiffness/tightness in the right knee and made sure to stretch some. I think that lingered into Monday’s run. I could “feel” the right knee through the first five minutes or so of the run, only 30 minutes since I ran last week’s long run on Sunday. That sensation made me concentrate on making sure that my stride was strong and even which I think it was. Afterwards my knee did get a bit tight after sitting for a couple hours at work. It took a little while to stretch it out (while trying to keep myself from imagining the worst) but throughout the afternoon it felt perfectly normal.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
I felt good upon waking, a relief after Monday’s tightness. During the ride I felt fairly good but could feel something out the upper outside of my knee. (Imagine the kneecap like a square. I could feel a point that corresponded to the outside upper corner.) It didn’t interfere but does concern me a bit. I pushed hard on the ride. When we moved over to the ladies’ side to work on the strength training I combined the NTC ab burner workout with the PT homework (and a bathroom break for Mom) to include the PT homework. This cut down the total time and helped me keep going without interruption. I felt good through all of those exercises. My quads did feel a bit tight during the single leg bridges so I’ll be stretching and foam rolling them. I felt really strong and steady on side planks with leg lifts. Afterwards I felt pretty good throughout the rest of the day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
My gut was a little tight Tuesday night and Wednesday morning but thankfully, a good run helped that go away. Apart from that, I felt good upon waking. The run went well. I slowed down the interval speed just a little because I haven’t done a lot with short speed lately. It showed in these 200m intervals. They were tough but doable. I walked half of the 200m recovery intervals but that was probably a little too much. I finished feeling strong and upped the speed just a little on the last 6 intervals. Afterwards it felt pretty good. In the middle of the day it got a little bit tight but nothing significant. At the end of the day it became a little achey so I foam rolled a little.

Thursday, December 17, 2015
My right knee felt a little tight upon waking so I stretched a little and it felt much better. We mixed it up with the workout and did several different exercises in the main strength training machine area. I think this new routine will be really good once both Mom and I learn it better. This workout was punctuated with more gaps (to watch instruction and/or wait for Mom to finish her turn) than I would like but I still think that I’ll be a little sore in the hours/days to come. Afterwards I felt pretty good, no extra soreness or tightness.

Friday, December 18, 2015
This run went fairly well. My right leg felt a bit “off” for the first few minutes but after that it felt pretty normal for the rest of the run. (I could feel occasional “odd” sensations in the rest of the run but not often and not significant.) I felt fairly strong even though I think I made the “easy run” not so easy by pushing a little too hard on the six one minute harder intervals. Other than that this was a pretty good run. Afterwards I feel pretty good and the right knee only a teensy bit tight. Afterwards the knee got a bit tight during the morning but I stretched a little and it felt better. In the afternoon the whole right side of my leg felt oddly achey but in the evening everything felt fine. I wish I knew what this weirdness was.

Saturday, December 19, 2015
I slept well and felt pretty good upon waking. Throughout the day I felt pretty good. I did add in the PT exercises since I forgot to to do them Thursday. My quads felt a bit tight, especially the right one. I’ll definitely focus on stretching that one a bit more. Off and on through the rest of the day I felt some acheyness but it might have been imagined.

Sunday, December 20, 2015
I was a little nervous before starting the run because I was sure that my leg felt achey already even before I got out of bed. It was all in my head. The long run went well. I concentrated on maintaining good form throughout. My stride was even and strong. I had no odd aches or twinges whatsoever. I did develop a lovely blister on the tip of my right big toe. That’s fun. Other than that this was a good run. Throughout the day (especially mid-morning) it felt a little tight but some good stretching helped a ton. Honestly though, it’s been months and I’m a little frustrated to still be dealing with this and taking it slowly. I hope to be able to put this completely behind me soon.


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