Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016 Race Recap

Race #101
5k #41
Greenville News Run Downtown 5k #5

I had a lot of fun with this race. It’ll be a rude awakening next week when I have to wake up and go to work instead of pinning on a bib and heading somewhere for a race.

Even though I love building up to a race and pushing hard to PR, I also have a whole lot of fun just getting out there and running. I’m too competitive to take a race easy. At the same time, it’s fun to go out without a goal and just enjoy the miles.

Today’s workout was almost exactly like what I ran last year when I ran this race. I started with a twenty minute warm up and finished with a ninety minute long run after.

After my warm up Mom and I met up to get our pre-race pic before heading to the start with around 1200 other people.

Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016
Mom was a little colder than I was.

A couple minutes after we made our way to the start we were off. I’d managed to find a spot fairly close to the front for the two of us so we had very little weaving to do. We lined up on the left side of the road and pretty much stayed on the left side for the rest of the race.

Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016
We’re back there somewhere.

People always say that this race starts off going downhill. While that’s technically true, the downhill lasts for only a portion of the first mile. We settled in and kept plugging away.

Mile 1: 8:21

Shortly after we started the second mile I saw a couple people standing out in front of their house with trays of back. Yes, bacon. (Plus a sign that said “Free Bacon”) I burst out laughing and wished that we had been running on the other side of the road so I could have grabbed some as we ran by. I hope that they make that a tradition for every year during the race. (Side note: Now I really want some bacon.)

We started to pick up the pace, nothing dramatic, just a little at a time. Of course, the most significant decline of the course helped a great deal with this. I still felt good but had no desire to full out race. We had a good pace going.

Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016 Official Photo
At the water stop somewhere near mile 2

Mile 2: 7:56

I knew that the last mile held the “hill of death” and had no idea how we would approach it. I followed Mom’s lead when it came to pacing. We kept increasing it little by little, even on the hill.

At some point on the hill we passed a guy, me on one side, Mom on the other. Yeah, he got “double-chicked.” As we pulled ahead of him he gave us a hearty “Good job!” Very nice of him.

While the “hill of death” was hard, it was nothing compared to the hills in the first three miles last week. In fact, running the hill this time felt the easiest that it has ever felt. I think that’s a pretty good sign that this new strength training routine is helping a lot already.

Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016
Somewhere in the middle of the “hill of death” – I need to work on keeping my upper body still, eliminate the twisting.

We made the two turns and found ourselves back on Main Street for the home stretch still feeling pretty good. Mom told me I could go on ahead and sprint if I wanted but I stuck with her. We were running pretty fast already.

Mile 3: 7:39

Greenville News Run Downtown 5k 2016
Coming in to the finish

.1 nubbin’: 6:35 (average pace)

This was a pretty successful race. Unlike last year, I think I really did manage to run this at around an 80-85% effort. I think I ran the race last year too fast which made the ninety minutes after more than miserable.

Mom did extremely well too! In a race of approximately 1200 people, she won her age group! Way to go Mom!

(Side note: She mentioned that someone requested that the Male Masters and Grand Masters winners pose for a picture but not the female winners. Seriously? Hopefully it was just a matter of forgetting/miscommunication.)

This time the ninety minutes afterwards was definitely not miserable. I kept looking down at my pace and being a bit dumbfounded. I had to keep myself from running too fast. My legs definitely felt the worst during the last 30 minutes but I finished and finished well.

Now that I’ve successfully incorporated this 5k into marathon training, twice, I plan to make this an every year sort of race.


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