Tobacco Road Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

Another week closer to the marathon and only a week away from my favorite half marathon

Monday, February 1, 2016
I am starting to get a little concerned about my right knee. Since I ran the long run yesterday I planned to take this run easy for sure. That being said, the knee has felt off periodically since the long run but nothing like before. It felt off for a good portion of the run today too. I focused on maintaining good form. My stride remained unaffected. I’m not really sure what to make of it. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. Afterwards, I’m not really sure how it feels. I think it’s fine or maybe achey. I can feel the knee but then again… I can’t believe I’m back here again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
A rest day was just what my leg needed. My hypothesis is that my right leg is still adjusting to being used the right way and whenever I use it the right way for longer (or harder) than I have recently the muscles ache to let me know. Instead of spin class this morning, I slept a little bit more and then stretched and foam rolled. At the end of the day I felt great.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
This run went so much better than Monday’s. I learned my lesson. My legs are definitely not up to a run the day after a marathon long run (18 miles) even if I do take it easy. I’ve already changed the schedule for next week so that that doesn’t happen again. My right knee felt slightly tight at the start of the run but after a couple minutes that went away. Through the rest of the run my stride felt great. The tempo portion was challenging but doable. I really enjoyed this run. Afterwards I felt great for the rest of the entire day.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
We were without an instructor this time so it was up to us to remember all the workouts. We did pretty well. I was also short on time since I had to get in work early for training. We had to cut out a few of the exercises including my least favorite. That’s only because a trainer and client were hogging the machine, I promise. šŸ˜Š I felt pretty good throughout. I really enjoy these sessions.

Friday, February 5, 2016
This run went pretty well. My right knee felt a bit achey at the start and occasionally throughout. Other than that I felt strong. My stride felt even. The tempo intervals were challenging but only slightly. Afterwards, I felt pretty good with the leg only slightly achey.

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Work means rest day. I feel pretty good but the leg feels achey just like it did last week. I’m not sure what that means. Once I stopped thinking about it though, I had no issues whatsoever.

Sunday, February 7, 2016
This felt like one of the longest runs I have ever had. It started with a very vivid dream of waking up and not feeling like running at all and spending an hour procrastinating, trying to put it off. It’s hard to explain the dream. Then I woke up and realized that the past hour (in my dream) was, in fact, a dream. Then I had to take some time to get back in the mood to run. I really had no desire to run long, much less run 20 miles. Shorter long runs, 12-15 miles are more up my alley right now. Thus I am looking forward immensely to the half marathon next weekend. I am definitely in a half marathon kind of mood. It took a while to get going and when I did, it was inside. I can’t explain it but I knew that it would be easier to plow through the miles on the treadmill since I would have the distraction of Merlin (thanks BBC for removing Doctor Who from Netflix) and the elimination of hills. Since Tobacco Road is mostly flat, I don’t consider that much of a cop out. It was still difficult to get through and very easy to let my walk breaks (every 40 minutes to eat my Gatorade chews) extend a little too long. My legs started to feel a bit fatigued around 12 miles which was off-putting at the time but now that I’m looking back at it, I remember that this treadmill is not the easiest on the legs. (It’s also not the most high tech machine either.) When I was finally approaching the end of the run I realized that I might not make it to 20 miles if I took another walk break to eat the last two chews so I powered through. That proved to me that a lot of my earlier struggle was mental. I know that on race day I will feel plenty motivated to get through the marathon. I also know that I’ll be relieved to be done with the marathon for a few months. At the moment my heart is not in it and that’s alright for now. It’ll come back eventually.


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