Rebuilding Week 8 Training Recap

This week had its ups and downs both physically and mentally, but mostly mentally. As I describe below, I think I may have isolated a contributing factor and made a plan to address it. As summer starts, I’m going to continue focusing on rebuilding both speed and mileage the smart way so that I’ll have a strong base from which to launch a BQ attempt.

Monday, May 16, 2016
The first four miles were okay. Both legs seemed to hold up fine. Somewhere around the fourth mile I felt a mildly painful sensation just below my left glute. It went away after a couple minutes but the left leg felt a bit off after that. I focused on maintaining good form throughout. I’m not sure what’s up with my left leg. Yes, I’m aware that I sound like a broken record. Hopefully it’s nothing and I can finally put rebuilding/recovery behind me and start real training again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Either I had a breakthrough or the calibration of these bikes is different. I’m leaning towards the latter. My back cooperated on this ride (unlike the past two). I could feel my right calf. It’s felt a little tight after the past few runs so I’m more aware of it. I don’t know if what I felt was just in my head or something actually in my calf. Other than that the ride went really well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
This tempo was tough. I was a little wary when I started but both legs actually held up. They both felt a bit sore but no pain or oddness. By the end of the tempo I did feel a little nauseated, like I pushed to the limit. I considered shortening the tempo by two minutes but pushed through. I am very thankful for a good run. As the day went on I could feel (or thought I could feel) a tingly sensation above the thigh sleeve but only occasionally. I do think that part (or most) of this may be in my head. Hopefully this will resolve itself soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2016
As is typical for me, I’m still in my head a bit with these odd sensations in my left leg and tight-ish right calf. Part of me knows that I obsess over things like this but another part of me wonders where I learned these sensations but anyway. This routine felt good. I forgot to watch my motivational show 😉 but still tried to push hard. For the vast majority of the day everything felt pretty normal. I was glad about that.

Friday, May 20, 2016
This run went really well. My left hammy felt a little sore this morning and I could feel it a little during the run but it wasn’t significant. I focused on good form from arm swing to core on down. I felt really strong. I am encouraged by this run.

Saturday, May 21, 2016
I think I may have figured out what caused the weird feelings in my left leg. My pattern with shoe rotation has been to run in my primary shoes until the reach approximately 300 miles. At that point I’ll buy a new pair and continue to use the old pair once a week on my easy runs until I put another 100 miles (total of 400) on them. I don’t think I can keep doing that in the Saucony Zealots that I’m currently on my 6th pair of. Two weeks ago I accidentally grabbed my crosstraining shoes (aka the shoes that were my primary shoes three pairs ago) and expected that my legs wouldn’t like it. Last week, I managed to grab the right pair but my legs still didn’t like it. They didn’t protest quite as much but still. Then this week I experimented and on the easy run just wore my primary shoes which have about 130 miles on them. My suspicions were confirmed. The shoes bear a large portion of the blame. Looks like I’ll have to start looking for a new type with the ability to take me 400 miles. Now to the run itself. I felt a little sluggish in the first second but not too terribly so. Once I at a couple chomps at mile 4, I felt much better, just like last week. The humidity was ridiculous. I overdressed thanks to the chill from yesterday. I definitely could have done with sleeveless and shorts rather than short sleeves and capris. My legs felt pretty good through most of the run, including the massive hill on Ikes that usually takes almost everything out of me. (I have Ellis to thank for that…all that strength training is paying off.) Even though everything felt pretty good, I still made a conscious effort to maintain good form. This long run felt light years better than last week’s half/long run. I am so thankful for that.

Sunday, May 22, 2016
For the first time in a couple weeks, I was able to enjoy this rest day as a true rest day. My legs felt just a bit fatigued so I made sure to take it easy. Other than that, this was an excellent rest day.


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