Functional Training Week 4 Training Recap

This week showed me that I still have work to do to bring my fitness and body back up to peak racing shape. I say “back to” but in reality this may actually be the first time I’ve been in optimal peak racing shape thanks to the functional training.

Monday, June 20, 2016
I think my new easy pace is around 8:55-9:15. I am definitely not complaining. It does get difficult at times to remember the three tips for for so I’ll catch myself from time to time. Around the 45 minute mark my legs started to feel tired, fatigued. Thankfully (sarcasm alert) we had be biggest hill of our route right then. It actually did help me regain focus. Other than slight fatigue, I felt really good. I am contemplating chasing a birthday PR in two weeks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
I really enjoyed this ride. Everything seemed to come together and cooperate apart from the gym which insists for some reason on keeping it stuffy. Apparently they enjoy promoting heat stroke in their patrons. (I’m exaggerating but only slightly. šŸ˜Š)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
This run was crazy hard and I loved it. The pace on the first two tempo intervals turned out to be a little too tough for me to complete all four intervals at that pace. I had to go down about ten seconds. It is so much fun to push myself but also a little bit of a reality check. A birthday 5k PR might be a bit out of my teach. I also seems to have aggravated my left glute/IT band which had been bothering me a couple weeks ago. My trainer thinks that it’s likely due to the fact that my other muscles/body parts – in this case my IT Band – are compensating for the job that my glutes still aren’t doing. It’s comforting to have a game plan for fixing this.

Thursday, June 23, 2016
I think whatever that speed work triggered also made my lower back sore (this all feels reminiscent of where I was a few weeks ago so…that makes me feel like I’ve made almost zero progress) so I made sure to maintain good form in every exercise that we did. I also pushed myself as much as I could in each one. If it’s not at least a little bit hard, I’m not going to see any progress.

Friday, June 24, 2016
I wasn’t in the mood to have to rush to get ready for work so I shortened the run a bit. I’m also working on not obsessing about what I’m pretty sure is psychosematic “something” in my right calf/ankle. This run went really well. My form felt great. Everything felt good except for the gym keeping the inside temperature way too warm still. This was a good run.

Saturday, June 25, 2016
I had grand plans to get in 90 minutes on this run. (I realize that saying “grand” to refer to 90 minutes seems like a bit of overkill but on a day like this ended up being, it’s appropriate.) Fitness-wise, I felt great. It no longer feels as difficult to maintain the form tips I’ve been working on (lean forward, arms at 90, feet beneath me). The first twenty minutes or so felt pretty good. The temps were already creeping way too high. We learned our lesson. We can’t get started as late as we did if we want to get in long runs this summer. I felt decent until around thirty minutes in when we happened to be heading up a hill. The switch flipped and suddenly I felt like scrapping the whole run. Now my focus shifted to making it back to the start. I knew right then that adding a second out and back to make it to 90 minutes would be foolish. Somehow we made it back to the start. When we were about five minutes from being done Mom told me she was just going to walk the rest of the way back and I could go ahead. I kept plugging away with the plan to turn around when I got to the end of the sidewalk and then run until I met up with her. I should have known that Mom wouldn’t end up walking the rest of the route. She told me that when she looked at her watch she told herself that she could keep it up for five more minutes so we both ended up finishing about together. In the end, even with the walk breaks, we managed to snag a sub 9 minute pace (8:56). During the run I briefly considered whether I would have been able to make it longer if I had slowed my pace but I don’t think I would have. My effort level stayed easy thus confirming to me that my new easy pace is right around the 9 minute mark. The only thing that a slower pace would have done would have had me getting less distance. While I would have preferred to get in more distance, I am very pleased with this run. We made good calls all around and maintained a pretty good pace while we were at it.

Sunday, June 26, 2016
It definitely was the heat Saturday that kept me from running farther. I woke feeling great but made sure to stretch and complete ft (functional training) exercises as prescribed. Since I push hard on just about every other day in the week, I make a conscious effort to treat Sunday as a complete rest day.


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