Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k 2016

Race #111
10k #9
Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k #3

It’s been about a month since I posted. Life has changed just a little since then. I find myself heading back into the classroom, this time as a teacher once again. As such, my blogging habits will change. I will no longer post weekly training recaps but I will continue to write race recaps. Things may change at a later date but the race recaps are not going away.

As I have spent this summer working on functional training and finally getting rid of the nagging injuries/imbalances instead of shorter distance speedwork, a PR attempt was not in the picture. I did harbor hopes of pacing Mom to a sub 50 minute finish so that we could both register in the time-qualifying section for Cooper River and not in the “everybody-else” section.

Getting to the start was a little precarious. Packet pick up is on one end of Cleveland Park down by the Zoo while the start is all the way on the other end of the park over half a mile a way. For the second year in a row we forgot and got in a nice little warm up while managing to make the start with ten seconds to spare.

I threw out the time-goal quickly. The weather this summer has been ridiculous. I know I saw that every year but I’m pretty sure it gets more ridiculous every year. The humidity has been off the charts. That combined with the hilly course makes this a challenging race in which to try to PR.

Instead I chose to focus on form and making sure that we didn’t go out so fast that we would crash and burn once the humidity and hills took their toll.

Mile 1: 8:37

The rest of the race became a matter of just hanging in there, completing a solid run at a pace just slightly faster than regular runs.

Mile 2: 8:19
Mile 3: 8:36

Shortly after the halfway mark Mom asked for me to start talking to her; she was losing steam. At that point the goal shifted to sticking with Mom and encouraging her to keep up the pace. She could do it. I knew it and wanted to make sure that she did too.

We ended up taking a few walk breaks in the final half. Now, when I saw walk break, I mean more of a momentary slow down in pace usually lasting about 10-15 seconds. Not too shabby. It was just long enough for Mom to get her breathing back under control. Those hills are no joke.

Mile 4: 8:33
Mile 5: 8:51

In the final mile I wanted to make sure that Mom was able to finish without having to stop to walk. We got about to the halfway point and she told me that she was going to have to walk. I tried to encourage her to keep going but she told me to go ahead.

She must not have walked for long because she ended up finishing not that long behind me. I kept going, pressing forward. I could do anything for half a mile, right?

My legs definitely had it in them to go faster but at the same time, the humidity had been pretty draining. (You know when the sweat starts dripping off you just after mile one that the rest of the run is not going to be that pretty.) I thought about pulling back but I was so close to the finish. I could push through the hurt and really make it count.

Just before we turned into Cleveland Park, Ellis was waiting to take pictures. He managed to find the shutter button and not Siri this time. 🙂

Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k 2016

Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k 2016

Mile 6: 7:45

I pushed through to the end and managed to finish under 52 minutes. That’s 4 minutes slower than last year but since I wasn’t trying to push the pace, I’ll take that. I ran a smart race, enjoyed myself and did not crash and burn.

Mom came in forty seconds later. Despite the walk breaks, she finished 12 seconds faster than last year! (52:32)

Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k 2016

Julie Valentine Run2Overcome 10k 2016
(I need to work on my posture. So much slouching!)

I am ready for a break in the humidity. That’s for sure.

All in all, another good race. As difficult as this race is, I will be back as many times as I possibly can.


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