5k for Kenya

This morning I ran race #19 in my quest to get to 26 races before my 26 birthday. This was a very small race but I didn’t mind. A race is a race.

Right before heading out this morning I could not find my ipod. There was no way I was running this race without it. Besides, that thing cost over $100 and I did not want to have to replace everything on it. I spend the next 15 minutes, literally, looking all over the house for it. I upended cushions. I scrounged through my cross stitch box. I even looked under my bed. Then I decided to pick up a notebook on the top of my shelf. Voila! Yes, my ipod was where I normally put it. (Big question here…will I let the lack of tunes ever keep me from running? Hmm…)

Mom graciously drove me downtown for the start of the race and served as my “official” photographer.

best tech T ever!

This time I did my homework and checked out the course. My heart sank just a little. It was an out and back course with the out portion being mainly downhill and the back portion coming right back up. I figured a PR was definitely not in the books. Especially since I’ve been slowing down lately. (More on that in a future post.)

The course is beautiful though. This summer I will definitely come downtown for some of my marathon (eek!) training runs.

Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 7:51 (downhill, remember)
Mile 2: 8:43 (climbing back up)
Mile .92 (3) 8:12

That’s right. The course was short, way short. I looked down at my garmin at the “halfway” point and saw 1.45 and new that the course would be almost .2 short. That’s alright though. It means I got to finish under 25 minutes 😀

I started to sprint at the end thinking maybe I could come in under 24:45 (my current PR) but I’m glad I didn’t. According to my Garmin (official stats aren’t up yet) I managed a 24:46. I don’t think I would have been comfortable putting that up as my PR with the course being as short as it was.

Anyhoo, this race definitely taught me that I need to incorporate speed work big time into my training and start putting more work into training instead of just wandering aimlessly in my exercise. 😀

On to next week where I have a guaranteed PR. (new distance)


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