Shh…(not so) Secret Work Post Ahead

So, I don’t normally post from work but this February goals recap post is two days overdue. I’m sure I’ll forget if I wait until I get home.

1. Drink 4 full bottles of water a day. A+ I have totally been rocking this one.

2. Push myself 100% in my workouts. I have to grade myself on last week, week 3, not this week . I’m going to give myself an “excused” this time. This past week was recovery week from the half marathon plus I wanted to give my foot as much rest as possible so I could jump back into training. When I did workout (yoga and spin) I definitely tried to push myself though.

3. Blog at least 3 times per week. I kind of forgot about this goal last week. I managed to post twice. I felt bad about it too. I miss blogging when I don’t. This post makes 3 for this week so I know I’ll get an A+ on my review next Monday. 😀

4. Comment on at least 2 posts a day. I’m still keeping this up. I haven’t been able to comment as much as I would like but I’m still getting in at least 2 a day.

5. Finish work right away. Still a work in progress. I would give myself a B for this one. Some days I started. Some days I didn’t. My weekend definitely wasn’t as structured as it should have been. Honestly though, I’m still working on balance. I decided to savor the weekend since it was my last day off (weekday) until Spring Break in last April) and I don’t regret it one bit.

There you have it. One more week of February and it’s on to March! I already have some goals in mind.


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  1. Susan

    This self assessment stuff is really good!

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