Run with the Stoix — Race Recap

The race today was unlike any other I’ve ever participated in. It was definitely more of a fun run than a race but I still enjoyed it.

I didn’t start off too well but in the end it was no big deal. The thing about vacation is it makes getting up any earlier in the morning undesirable so I got up at the same time I have routinely. I had plenty of time to get down to the race start but not enough time to take my beanie back to my car.
Run with the Stoix 2011

I didn’t run with the beanie. Instead I dashed inside to see if there was a place to leave the beanie so I could get it after the race. I ended up leaving it on the counter and dashing back as the race director shouted go. I realized then that I hadn’t turned on my Garmin or started my music so I started running while trying to get everything turned on and adjusted. Quite the sight I’m sure.

After a little while I settled into the stride and simply enjoyed the beauty of the park in the early morning fog.

Then came mile 3 and the Washington Street monster hill. I saw this on the elevation profile on their website and knew it would hurt. Yeah, it did.

When I got back towards the race start/finish I made a quick detour to drop off my gloves. It was almost too warm to wear them. That would prove to be a mistake.

The second lap went off without a hitch and I remembered just how much I love vanilla bean Gu. It was almost a euphoria moment when I ate it. 😀

Then the cloud settled. At least that’s what I think made it suddenly get cooler, all the cool moisture in the air. Halfway through the last lap I could barely feel my hands. Lesson learned.

The third time going up that hill hurt but at least I got to pick off some of the slow 5kers. That served for a nice motivational boost.

I finished strong, grabbed my beanie and some food and headed out. I think there was some post race stuff but I didn’t feel like sticking around.

Before I got into the car I attempted to take a post-race picture:
Run with the Stoix 2011
Cold hands = lousy photographer

I did manage a somewhat normal one though.
Run with the Stoix 2011

With that, my 2011 races come to a close. I have just a few finishing touches to put on my race book before I order it through iPhoto. (There will be a post on that.)

Next up? Resolution Run Half Marathon next Saturday!!!!



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3 responses to “Run with the Stoix — Race Recap

  1. This morning was great and I’m glad that I dragged myself out to do it. I didn’t even know about this untill yesterday. Jeff conned me into it in the store. Glad it happened, and Really a great time .Think I will be doing this one again next year. At least I hope there will be one…. Beautuful morning…

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